I feel there is an urgency now for us to apply spiritual wisdom in every area of our lives. As a long-time practitioner of the Spiritual Arts, I observe that Spirit is giving more help than ever to those who are in alignment with their Higher Selves and those who ask for Spirit to help.

I see increasing numbers of people yearning for Spiritual connection and Spiritual intimacy. I find this an exciting time to be alive, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to assist those who want to heal themselves and the Planet.

Gloria Wilcox


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Her work is both transformational and practical, creating tangible results.
She is able to focus with laser-like precision to quickly define core issues, empowering clients to bring about dramatic changes.

She offers both One-on-One Personal Integration Sessions
as well as Workshops and Seminars. She also regularly
publishes articles addressing spiritual healing issues.

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About Gloria Wilcox...

One-to-One Sessions

Workshops and Seminars

Article: "Healing Mother Wounds"

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Gloria Wilcox
Healer of Emotions & Hypnotherapist

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"Gloria Wilcox has a loving and inspirational way of leading her clients to deeper self-understanding - she nurtures from her wisdom and her heart. Her gentle yet deep work brought me back in touch with the connection to my truest self. My insecurity and mistrust were replaced with faith and more powerful confidence in my own intuition." - N.K., Editor

" Since my session with Gloria, I feel more and more at home in my life. I know that I'm on the right path now, and I can't wait to get up each morning to watch more of my beautiful life story unfold." -M.M., Designer

" I received a $15,000 raise after applying the skills I learned in Gloria's class." -J.M., Engineer

" She's a self-esteem enhancer. Her work is gently profound." -M.L.P., Interior Designer


Gloria has a LIFE-SUPPORTIVE WAY of relating to her clients.

She nurtures from the heart. She's a passionate ally.

Hypnotherapist Gloria Wilcox has been the Director of Inner Growth Seminars since 1975. She is the inventor of the 7-Step Emotional Release Process.

A graduate of the University of Michigan in Sociology, she has worked as a research sociologist in the study of emotionally handicapped children. She has taught classes in relationships, assertiveness, communication, self-esteem and success; has appeared on radio and television; and is the author of TV's Effect on Family Life and Social Role Difficulties of College Women.

Clients and seminar participants experience Gloria as a deeply perceptive, gentle, yet profound catalyst. She has a private practice in San Rafael, California.

The 7 Step Emotional Release Process

In 1975 Gloria invented the 7-Step Emotional Release Process. This laser-like process penetrates the core of each issue, providing access and release of buried unconscious patterns that activate bad habits. This process goes directly to the day the patterns began and assists clients to release stored unproductive energy. This process helps clients to rebuild a healthy blueprint for future positive behavior by bringing them in alignment with their true self.

"Our inner child holds the seeds of our power, potentials and our ability to love. This child is also open, joyous and trusting. Healing the inner child allows us to recreate our life in accordance with our dreams, visions and purpose, thereby becoming able to feel joy and trust again."  -G.W.


Empowerment Sessions

Gloria's Empowerment Sessions assist clients to discover their gifts and to release limitations preventing success.

These sessions provide tools to actualize one's potential and become the person one is meant to be. This work is focused on discovery of one's Life Purpose, Talent Blueprint and Right Life Work.

Gloria has a special talent to discover what your talents are. Combining Hypnosis and the 7-Step Process, Gloria assists clients to release barriers to success.

"Let your Self soar with your unique gifts. Discover the Wonder of Your Being." Gloria Wilcox

Preparing for the Spiritual Emergence Within

The search for the Divine has been a long-time pursuit for Gloria Wilcox. A near-death experience in a head-on collision in 1964 intensified her search. In May, 1994, Gloria completed the 9-month Spiritual Emergence Syndrome Training/ Certification Program where she studied the Kundalini, altered states, shadow work, Spiritual Emergence, near-death experiences and Spiritual Openings. Central to her work is the integration of spirit with insights from psychology, which has led to her pioneering Soul-Directed Processing.


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Recent Seminars Have Included...

• Discovering your True Self and your Soul's Gifts

• Manifesting your Heart's Desire

• Re-igniting Your Passion

• 7-Steps to Healing the Inner Child

• Removing Barriers to Success

• Manifesting Prosperity

• Resolving Relationship Conflicts

• Healing the Hurts of the Heart (Abandonment, Betrayal, Rejection)

• From Co-Dependency to Loving Mutuality

• Authenticity and Power

• Passion: an Antidote to Addictions

• Leave Your Past Behind

Healing 'Mother Wounds" with Love
by Gloria Wilcox

I am sure you've heard the old adage "A Mother's Work is Never Done." An updated version would say "If mothering is done ineffectively, it can leave wounds that may affect her child for a lifetime." Mothers have a very important job to do. They set the blueprint for their children's relationships and self-esteem. Fathers set the blueprint for action out in the world.

A mother's neglect or overt hostility can affect a child's feeling nature for life. Among adults, the lack of mother/child bonding is the major core wound. This can become the basis for feeling insecure, unlovable and low self-esteem....

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For more information, call or write:

Gloria Wilcox
Healer of Emotions & Hypnotherapist

(703) 939-5896

13295 Blueberry Lane #102C
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